Thursday, October 11, 2012


Fully operational remote vehicle systems to be delivered to training ranges and used as moving targets 

Kairos Autonomi, Inc., a world leader in robotic appliqué kits and developer of the Pronto4 Robotic Appliqué Kit, has been awarded a contract by the Army National Guard for moving land targets.

Kairos Autonomi will equip 12 Army National Guard ranges across the nation with Pronto4 Robotic Appliqué Kits, ground control stations and radio infrastructure. The hardware, software and infrastructure will provide each range with remote moving targets controlled from range facilities with full video and radio control.

“This is a natural extension of our position as a market leader in unmanned moving ground and surface targets,” said Troy Takach, President and CEO of Kairos Autonomi. “Kairos Autonomi is the largest robotic manufacturer of unmanned ground vehicle systems in the world by volume, and our presence in the test and training markets will only grow as we continue to expand.”

The Pronto4 is a robotic appliqué kit that allows vehicles to drive themselves by following a pre-defined GPS path or by remote controlled operation. The kit can be installed in most vehicles in about 1-2 man days. The kits provide realistic moving target that enhances realistic training and test environments for military personnel

Product deliverables at each range may include site infrastructure and support requirements, vehicles can also be configured for laser operations. The Period of Performance (POP) is expected to be 12 months.

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