Monday, February 4, 2013


 Widely-used robotic appliqué kit converts manned ground vehicles and surface vessels into optionally unmanned robotic vehicles

Kairos Autonomi, Inc., a world leader in robotic appliqué kits and developer of the Pronto4 Robotic Appliqué Kit, has announced that current users of the Pronto4 can trade-in their existing Pronto4 Series 2 or 3 and be upgraded to the latest version of the kit, the Pronto4 Series 4. The upgrade option offers significant savings over the purchase of a new kit.

“We have installed the Pronto4 Robotic Appliqué Kit on more full-size vehicles and vessels than any other robotic company in the world,” said Troy Takach, President and CEO of Kairos Autonomi. “We want to provide our customers with every opportunity to utilize the latest Pronto4 features and enhancements.”

Kairos regularly solicits users for new feature recommendations, Takach said. These suggestions often result in new enhancements and capabilities for the Pronto4. Current users interested in upgrading their legacy Pronto4 can contact

The Pronto4 Series 4 can convert any manned ground vehicle (steering-wheel and skid-steer) or surface vessel into an optionally unmanned robotic vehicle. The vehicle or vessel retains its human-operable capability. Two trained technicians can install the Pronto4 in less than four hours.

The Pronto4 Series 4 kit is comprised of the following modules:
  • A computer module with pre-installed software. The Pronto4 runs on Windows 7, and can be configured to dual boot into Linux 
  • A services module that has serial, USB and Ethernet connections 
  • Utility bays that house a variety of utility modules, including: 
    • 10, 15, 20, 30, 100, 200 and 300 RPM intelligent motor modules
    • Standard PWM RC servo module (1-2 ms)
    • Multi-function module (OBD-II, PoE, Video)
    • CANbus module
    • Power and distribution modules
    • 3rd party developer module (kits available)
  • Vehicle Integration Module (VIM) for powering on the Pronto4 and toggling between manual and unmanned mode
The modules are connected via a standard frame and backplane that is available in two sizes: the Pronto4 Series 4 Mini provides 4 utility bays; and the Pronto4 Series4 Planar provides 8 utility bays. In addition to the modules, a steering ring actuates a vehicle’s steering wheel. Two steering ring options are available: a standard ring with a perpendicular motor connection, and a right angle motor connection that gives the actuator a much lower profile and enables the orientation of the motor shaft to be positioned in any direction parallel to the steering ring.

Vehicles and vessels outfitted with the Pronto4 become an operate-by-wire platform, with standard tele-operation and supervised autonomy capabilities. Users can also integrate supplementary software and sensors for additional autonomous capabilities. The Pronto is also JAUS interoperable.

Current users utilize the Pronto4 in a variety of applications:
  • As an operate-by-wire platform for research and development of sensors, software, etc. 
  • As an unmanned moving ground target for test and evaluation and training scenarios 
  • In range clearance operations where a vehicle is operating in a repetitive or dangerous environment
  • As an autopilot, allowing vehicle operators to focus on other important tasks
  • In mining operations where haul trucks are traveling a known path in a controlled environment


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