Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Proven Multi-Application Ground Robotics Radio Offers Maximum Connectivity

We have introduced a new high performance, cost-effective Aetheric radio for use with the Pronto4 Robotic Appliqué Kit.
Available with a variety of radio frequencies to maximize connectivity in a point-to-point, bridging or fused network configuration, the Aetheric radio offers reliability at a competitive price. The radio is sheltered in a waterproof, dustproof, NEMA-67 rated outdoor enclosure that includes 1, 2, or 4 N-type antenna options, a quick disconnect RJ-45 connector and silicone-rubber gasket.

The radio weighs 3 pounds (1.36kg) and is capable of temperatures of -45C to +90C. The radios power supply comes from 9-28 VDC over Ethernet and is RoHS compliant.
“Our Aetheric radio has proven its capability and flexibility with great results for our end users in a range of applications,” said Troy Takach, President and CEO of Kairos Autonomi. “We are providing a ground radio solution that offers connectivity, frequency and diagnostic flexibility at a practical price.”

Benefits of the Aetheric radios are as follows: 
  • Rugged enclosure allows for use in extreme environments
  • High bandwidth capability enables a variety of applications (data, voice, video)
  • Flexible mounting brackets allow for operation in any situation
  • Configurable for point-to-point, fused or multi-path communications
  • J/F 12 authorization for Moving Land Targets (10144)
  • Proven operations with ground robotics
  • Other bands available, including Military, Civilian, NATO and Federal 

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